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How My Domain Investing Has Evolved

My domain investing has evolved quite a bit over the 15-years I’ve been in this business, and lately, I think I found my groove because these days, I usually make a few hundred dollars every month. I know I’m very different than most, because I develop websites. But, from what I’ve seen, most domain investors […]
Matt Cutts explains that domain age means nothing, only site age does

What is the Value of Domain Age SEO Factor, or Not?

How does Google determine the value of a domain name by age? They don’t consider domain name age as an SEO factor at all. They only consider site age. There is a big difference between a domain name and a website. I always see domain name resellers showcasing “aged” domains as if that has some […]
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How to Spot Garbage Domain Names For Sale

Those of us in the domain name reselling business are always on the hunt for new and exciting domain names. But anyone who has spent any all-nighters (prowling the domain name forums, eBay, and expired domains lists) knows as well as I do, that there is a ton of garbage out there. I’ve accidentally bought […]