How to Spot Garbage Domain Names

domain name extensionsThose of us in the domain name reselling business are always on the hunt for new and exciting domain names. But anyone who has spent any all-nighters (prowling the domain name forums, eBay, and expired domains lists) knows as well as I do, that there is a ton of garbage out there. I’ve accidentally bought them a time or two, (or twelve… a year). In other words, I’ve made some mistakes over the years, and learned from them. I’ve learned how to spot the garbage names easily now. So, I thought I’d pass this on to anyone willing to listen, and maybe save someone a 12-hour domain name buying binge mistake.
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Writers Wanted: Submit Articles: All Subjects

Hi everybody. I am a published writer and webmaster of about 20+ websites. I mostly do my own writing, but lately I have been getting quite a few submissions from writers. And you know what? I like it!

Yeah, go ahead and send me something. I should warn you though- no spam!!!!! And no duplicate content- yes, I check. Below, you will find my guidelines, websites list, subjects and keywords I’m looking for. Continue reading

Permanent Backlinks For Sale: PR1, PR2, PR3 Text-Links

Permanent Text-Links: High PR Backlinks for Your Website


There is no better way to increase your website’s page-rank than to acquire quality back-links (links to your website from sites with page-rank), especially text-links.

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Cheap Domain Names For Sale

Hi everybody!

I have some domain names I’m not using and would sell for cheap. I get them in bundles sometimes, and don’t always develop every name I get, so I can pass them on cheap. – $20 (super popular college football search-term) – $30 (LLL org nice letters) PR3 $10 (make a blog about plane crashes) $10 (popular searched keywords) $10 (popular searched keywords) $5 (popular searched keywords)

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Blog Writer’s Wanted Get Backlinks from PR Sites

Hi there everybody. Take a look at these blogs below. They are all looking for posts, and all allow links and even by-lines if you ask. I ought to know, they are all my sites. this is a great way to get some PR1, PR2 and even PR3 backlinks to your site. Continue reading

Expired and Deleted Domain Names Available- Updated Daily

Here is a killer source for anyone who wants to get a domain name. Consider this- age matters. Google ranks older sites above new ones. So, instead of buying a new domain name (which most experts agree, the good names are long gone), find an expired name and take advantage of the sites age and history. Continue reading