How to Get Your Guest Post Published

professional emailIf you really want to know how to get your guest post published, the first thing you have to know is how to write a professional looking email. What a lot of webmasters don’t get is- you have to make a good first-impression in order to be taken seriously. As some of you may know, I have about 30-websites. So I get a lot of emails asking me to publish guest posts. I get bad emails all the time, and mostly I just delete them. If you are serious about getting your guest post published on some good websites, you simply must demonstrate the fact that you can write. And your email is the first writing of yours that they will see. So, in order to get past that first email, you simply must demonstrate some good writing skills in your email first. Either that, or come right our with a cash offer. I’ll show you a few examples, and point out what is important in making that crucial first-impression work.

A professional guest post inquiry always begins with a greeting.

Before you send an email, visit the website first! I know it takes a little time, but it will save you time in the long run. You really must visit the site first in order to determine several key facts:
1. Is it the kind of site you want a link from? You’ll want to check certain ranking factors. It helps to have a decent SEO toolbar on your browser. I recommend SEO-Book or SEO Quake. You only want a link that has some Google Page Rank, as well as some Moz Rank, Domain Authority and Page Authority.
2. What is the webmaster’s name? If you notice all (or most) of the articles written by the same person, chances are this is the site owner. Click on the Whois information in your SEO Book toolbar and see who owns the site. Once you know the owners name, your email should begin with a greeting to that person.
3. Is the subject in your same niche or genre? Take a look at a few articles and make sure they are talking about the same subject you talk about on your site. Don’t send an article about knife sharpeners to a site about trucking.
4. Are there submission guidelines? A lot of sites openly accept guest posts. And many of them have a contact page, or a submission guidelines page, where you can read all about what they are looking for (and who to contact.)

Once you determine that the site is a good match, you have the person’s name, and you are confident that you can write an article they will accept, begin your email with a greeting. Your greeting should be at the very top of your email, and include the person’s name, followed by a comma.

Something like this:

Dear John,

Next comes the body of your email:

Hit the “enter” button on your keyboard twice, so that you skip down two lines. Begin your email message here. It should be short, to the point, and contain no fake compliments, and it MUST BE WRITTEN IN DECENT ENGLISH. And make sure you mention the site! Many webmasters have multiple sites, so they need to know which one caught your eye. The body of your email should contain these elements:

1. Don’t be too long. Webmasters are busy people, and time is money.
2. Don’t tell them how much you enjoyed an article you read on their site, unless you really did, and you have a good reason for liking it.
3. Don’t lie about visiting their site for months. They know, believe me. I get emails all the time that say they’ve been at my site many times- but they never noticed my Submission Guidelines at the top of every page?
4. Make sure your English is good enough. If you misspell words, have incomplete sentences, etc, they will know right away that you are not a very good writer, and will likely delete your email without even responding to you.
5. Show some passion about the subject. Don’t just say “I’d like to submit an article”. Say I am mad (or happy, or sad, or excited) about something. But be real! Don’t show fake passion- they’ll spot that too. Write about something you really know a lot about, and something you really are genuinely passionate about.

Something like this:

Dear Ken,

I read your submission guidelines on your site and I would like to submit an article for your consideration. Here is the site I’d like to link to- I have a few ides that could work…

How to properly jump start a car.
Should you sell a car on payments to a relative?
How to dress up your car before you sell it.

Let me know what you think.

Thank you,
Mr Guest Writer

A professional email always has a signature at the end too. Don’t forget that. And it helps to have a website within your signature.

That is how you write a professional email to get your guest post published.

Thank you for your time.

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