Permanent Backlinks For Sale: PR1, PR2, PR3 Text-Links

Permanent Text-Links: High PR Backlinks for Your Website


Will Write for FoodThere is no better way to increase your website’s page-rank than to acquire quality back-links (links to your website from sites with page-rank), especially text-links.

I currently own and operate some 30+ sites. Many of them have high Google page rank: PR1, PR2, and some PR3. All of my websites are family friendly, honest, online magazines, businesses or blogs, with contact information, and no spam.

Any links we place must also fit this description. (No casino’s, no websites that require an email to continue, no surveys, free stuff, or pyramid schemes, no adult material, etc.) If you have a family-friendly website, and would like to gain some important highly-rated links to your website, keep reading.

I sell only PERMANENT text-links.

Text-Link Definition:

A text-link is a link that uses important keywords. This helps search engines file your site under those specific keywords. And this will help you rank higher for your chosen keywords. This is just some Good SEO Advice (for example).

When I say “permanent”, I mean just that. I make my living from my websites. Any website that makes more than it’s own cost (about $12 a year), I keep forever. I will only sell links from those sites. Some of my sites, and many of my articles have been online for over ten years. These are quality, permanent, text-links. The best links you can get.

My Backlink Prices are Reasonable. Remember, all of these prices are one-time-only, meaning, once you pay, you have a link to your site forever, and you never pay again. Here is my general price list. If you want several links, we can work out a deal. But this is my general rule of thumb:

Permanent Text-Link Prices (by PR)

PR0 – $10
PR1 – $20
PR2 – $40
PR3 – $50

Blogroll Prices

PR0 – $40
PR1 – $80
PR2 – $120
PR3 – $160

Blogroll Definition:

Blogroll is a link on the sidebar, which appears on EVERY page within a site, not just one page. (See the links on the sidebar to the right.) So, when you purchase a Blogroll link, in effect, you get dozens of links of varying PR.

Most websites that sell PR backlinks charge by the month or by the year. I don’t do that because permanent links are better. Why pay $8 a month for a PR1 link (which is the going rate), when you can get the same quality link for $40 and never have to pay again? Remember, these are permanent. The rank boost you get from these links will stay with your site forever.

I am not a big corporation. My name is Ken Skaggs. I am just one guy with a family to support. I drove trucks for 30+ years (until I hurt my back), and wrote for a trucking magazine for ten years. I now make my living online with my websites. And you can contact me by email at or call me at 574-540-6063.

If you are the least bit interested, please email any questions or concerns. Tell me your keywords, show me your website, and I will find a great page or site to place your link. Also, I need some links too. So if you have a site with PR, maybe we can work out a 3-way link exchange.

To see a list of my sites, just go to my web design page and look at the list in the sidebar called My Sites.

Thank you for your time. Here are some more free webmaster tools.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of HTSABO

Google-PlusKen Skaggs is a 30-year veteran trucker and safety professional, who has always been a writer, and an entrepreneur at heart. Since 2000, he’s had 150+ articles published by Ten-Four Magazine, Careers in Gear, Driver Story Magazine, and dozens of websites.

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