Writers Wanted: Submit Articles: All Subjects

Jay Leno Writers StrikeHi everybody. I am a published writer (ten years with a major trucking magazine) and webmaster of about 20+ websites (some over 15-years old). I mostly do my own writing, but lately I have been getting quite a few submissions from writers. And you know what? I like it!

So now I’m advertising- WRITERS WANTED- submit your guest post idea right here.

Yeah, go ahead and send me something. I should warn you though- no spam!!!!! And no duplicate content- yes, I check. Below, you will find my guidelines, websites list, subjects and keywords I’m looking for. If you have an idea for one of these, drop me a line…

Guest Post Writers Wanted: Submission Guidelines:

Most of these sites have Google Page Rank (1 to 3). All of them are growing sites that are gaining in popularity steadily. I do a lot of writing for other websites myself, so my PR is on the way up.

Another note worth mentioning- I am sometimes very picky about what I put on my most popular sites. But try me first. Send me your idea and I’ll let you know if it is worth writing. If you don’t see a subject that you think applies to your article idea, just send it to me anyway- I just might find a sweet spot for it.

Tom HanksThis is what’s important to me-
*Your grasp of the English language is sufficient.
*Your grasp of the subject is sufficient.
*You write at least 500 words (more is better).
*Your personality comes through.

I don’t mind doing a little editing, but please, be close. It may be better if you inquire first. Send me your idea, and a writing sample, letting me know your idea, and what link you plan on putting in it. (I’d hate to have to turn down an article you worked hard on because it had a casino link in it- but I will.)

Also, I absolutely hate websites that make you give your email before you see the content. So, if your link leads to one of those, forget it.

Other than that, I’m the easiest guy in the world to get along with, and I will bend over backwards for a decent writer.

Email me at skaggmo@yahoo.com.

Here are the keywords/ tag-lines from some of my sites.

Big City News

Trucker News and Stories

Used Car News and Reviews

True Road Rage Stories

Conservative Politics US

Free Web Templates/ Free WordPress Themes

Web Design

Webmaster Tools

SEO Advice

Make Money Online

Creative Commons Licensed Cash Systems

Freight Rates and Freight News

WordPress Customizing

To see the actual list of sites, go here.

*Jay Leno picture by Mark Rain.
Tom Hanks picture by Maria Elena.

2 thoughts on “Writers Wanted: Submit Articles: All Subjects

  1. That’s fantastic that you’re getting so much work. You have to be so picky when it comes to guest writers though.

    • Hi Paddy,

      Yes, it’s hard to turn down articles, especially if the title idea sounds good, but I often have to because the writing is so bad I’d have to rewrite the whole thing.

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